Larchmont Country Club, Larchmont NY

Stephanie + Aaron/ weddings 

said I DO! on May 21st, 2011

When Stephanie and Aaron and I met to discuss their wedding day plans, I remember her telling me she didn't care so much about the photos of the shoes and the dress, she just wanted lots of great candids throughout the day of all the people she loves.  These are words that run straight to my heart!  As a photojournalist I love nothing more than all the poignant & quiet & fleeting moments in between, that artfully strung together, paint the unique story of that day.  Stephanie knew from seeing my work that this is my style of photography, so it was a perfect fit.  This blog post honors those moments... and it is through these images that the magic of their beautiful day is revealed...


Queens Botanic Gardens & Mudan Banquet Hall, Flushing Queens

Nancy + David/ weddings
said I DO! on April 30th, 2011

Love love love when my couples carve out a nice chunk of time for their photo session... meet Nancy & David!  We met in DUMBO before their ceremony and wandered around for 1 1/2 hours finding awesome spots up and down the cobblestone streets ~ DUMBO is by far one of my favorite neighborhoods to shoot in, so many views, textures and colors to play with.  I don't usually post this many images from the 'portrait session' but I couldn't help it: lots of time = lots of great photos!!! Thanks to all the girls especially ~ I know we put those gorgeous high heels to the test :)  After our photo session, we headed over to Queens for a beautiful garden wedding, then with lots of old friends (I have photographed a ton of their friend's weddings, hi everyone!) and new ones too, David kept us cracking up all night long with dancing and good times at Mulan.  It was such a pleasure spending the day with you all, Alena & I loved photographing all your smiles, laughter and groovy dance moves! Congratulations!!!