The Upper Crust, New York

Lucy + Salvatore/ weddings
married February 12th, 2011!

After our rockin' e-session together, I was really looking forward to Lucy & Sal's wedding because I already knew how delightful they are and how much fun they are in front of the camera... no disappointments here!  It was a packed day with lots of locations, a little snow flurry that didn't phase the girls when I asked them if they would be up for some outdoor photos (strapless dresses and all!), and a fabulous venue that was new to me and already on my list of favorites ~ 91 Horatio Street (the Upper Crust).  Check out what a beautiful backdrop it provides with the projected urban & foliage lightscapes, coupled with hanging teardrop vases... can you tell I loved it?!  It was an honor documenting your inspiring love story, Lucy & Sal xx