Tappan Hill Mansion, Tarrytown NY

Andrea + Daniel  /weddings

said I DO! on August 13th, 2011

Magic.  Love.  Joy.  Beauty.  Passion.  Andrea.  Daniel.  What a brilliant couple! From their style (how about these Badgley Mischka stellar shoes paired with some ass kicking boots!) to their NY meets Austin charm, to their warm and lovely families... I was wrapped up in so much good stuff to photograph all day that I think I broke my record in putting up over 40 images for this post!  My thanks goes out to Melody & Brandon who found me first (it was sooo great seeing you guys again!), and if it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't have met your rockin groomsman Daniel, and might not have had the pleasure of documenting this sweet love story.  I want to come to Austin and visit you all now! 


South Street Seaport, family photo session

Sophie's Walking!

I have been honored with documenting Tyler & Sophie since they were both born (pre-blog posting, hopefully one rainy day I'll get some past sessions up for a treat)!  This is my 8th session with them now~ wow! ~  and I still can't get enough of them.  This session was especially sweet because Sophie's walking now :)  We actually pushed our session date up a bit so I could catch her new road-bound energy on camera.  Look at her go! I adore this family, not only because of how wonderful they have been letting me document the milestones of their family all these years, but also because they never say no to any of my crazy requests... how many times have you guys laid down in the the snow & leaves & sidewalk for me, or jumped a dozen times to get that perfect laugh?  Tons!  Thank you so much Jackie & Maynard for being adventurous and sharing the smiles of your beautiful kids over the past years. xx



Inn at Fernbrook Farms, Bordentown NJ

Anna + Joe /weddings

they tied the knot! June 25th, 2011

Nothing beats a summer country wedding and Anna & Joe's was no exception!  The Inn at Fernbrook Farms is the perfect place to host such a delight with it's rustic country charm & acres of rambling gardens.  With everything happening in one place we had plenty of time to explore the beautiful grounds and take lots of great pictures.  Their ceremony was nestled in one of the gardens, and after their vows we all headed over to the big tent for many hours of dancing and good times ~ so romantic!  Of course we had to step out into the  dreamy summer sunset sky to take a few more pictures ~ I am so glad you guys were up for all my requests :)  And after so many years of hearing how great she is, I finally had the pleasure of working with Mary of Mary Harris Events, what a treat!  Congrats guys, it was a perfect day!