Baby Session, Brooklyn NY

Samantha's first session!
a Year in Pictures

I simply had to walk 5 blocks to get to my new friend Samantha's house for her first (of three!) sessions. We are neighbores!  So awesome.  Samantha's cool mom and Dad signed up for my Year in Pictures Sessions, which means that I will have the great pleasure of documenting Samantha's milestones as she enteres into her first year of life... and this visit it was BUBBLES! Looking forward to the warmer months ahead when we will be able to take advantage of all the great photos spots around this fun neighborhood.  So great to meet you guys :)

soooo  adorable!
can you even imagine your first time seeing these things??
love all those new baby folds xx

I love these

Sammy introduced me to all her friends

Thank you Jini for introducing me to this lovely family.  I am so honored to get to capture all these precious moments for you all :)