New York Botanic Gardens, the Bronx NY

Naomi + Dave /weddings

married on May 29th, 2011!

Photographing at the New York Botanical Gardens is always a treat, but when you get perfect weather & a couple like Naomi & Dave, it's kind of ridiculously fun!  Throughout the hour we had to roam around the gardens together, their delightful chemistry kept me snapping beautiful moment after beautiful moment... then the picturesque evening ceremony lead by a guitar totting rabbi, folded into lots of dancing, laughter & big big love as Naomi & Dave celebrated with their lovely family & friends.  Thank you Stephanie Hill, their awesome event manager, for keeping the day flawlessly timed out &  helping us get all the shots we needed.  It was a real honor to capture Naomi & Dave's day.  I am so happy they found me :)